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World leaders in effective weight loss

We combine the science of meal replacements with the latest behaviour change techniques to help you lose weight fast, make long-term changes to your behaviours, and start leading a healthier life.

Do you want to:

Lose weight – and learn to keep it off long term?

Learn healthy habits?

Improve your overall health and wellbeing? 

Reduce your risk of developing diabetes type 2?

Put your type 2 diabetes into remission?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

The Counterweight-Plus programme is referenced in medical journals throughout the world for its success in helping people to lose weight, and more importantly, learn to keep it off. It has worked for thousands of people, and can work for you too!

Our three-stage programme combines science with personal support.

Stage 1: Total Diet Replacement

Our porridge, soups and shakes have been specifically formulated to provide optimum nutrition and maximum flavour. You’ll have 4 meal replacements per day, and the support of a dietitian to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Stage 2: Food Reintroduction

You’ll work with your dietitian to slowly reintroduce meals. At the same time, you’ll learn all about nutrition, physical activity and habit psychology to make long-term changes to your eating and activity behaviours.

Stage 3: Weight Loss Maintenance

You’ll have ongoing support from your dietitian to help you to stay on track and build up your toolbox of strategies to maintain your weight loss.

What do our happy customers say?

“Don’t hesitate because this programme will change your life. It’s a complete change of lifestyle and the benefits far outweigh any difficulties. This programme has transformed my health and honestly saved my life. It’s for the better, you won’t regret it!”

Wales, Lost 27kg

"Just do it! I thought losing weight and achieving diabetes remission was impossible, but the Counterweight-Plus programme made it possible. This programme can help prolong your life and avoid medical complications, you can’t put a price on that!"

London, Lost 18kg

Are you our next success story?

Whether you want to lose weight, reduce your blood glucose levels, put your type 2 diabetes into remission or simply introduce healthier habits, we can help you get there!

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